Current startup owners know how much time, energy, and work goes into building a business that turns a comfortable profit. Their profits may grow into the millions after years of hard work and established clientele.

But for three entrepreneurs, David Kurzmann, Lukas Kurzmann, and Thomas Mark, it took less than four years to develop an 8-figure business.

David Kurzmann and his brother Lukas teamed up with a friend to develop the company Women’s Best, a sportswear and supplement/nutrition company that’s geared towards women. Their high-quality products are very popular, and they reach an average of 1.3 billion potential customers on social media yearly.


How did they establish this thriving business in such a short amount of time? David Kurzmann recently opened up about what it really takes to build an 8-figure business from scratch.

Humble Beginnings

Women’s Best is the brainchild of David Kurzmann and his brother Lukas. The two brothers have always been inclined towards business, and the fitness company is actually their second business. The first was an online customized workout and nutrition program in which they worked with a licensed nutritionist to provide unique workouts and supplemental nutrition advice to their clients.

As they worked closely with men and women, they noticed something profound: Nutrition advice and clothing were often designed with men in mind. There wasn’t a business providing uniquely customized nutrition products and sportswear to women only.

David and Lukas began developing Women’s Best in response to this apparent need. At the launch of the business in August of 2015, the headquarters was in a small rented office room in Innsbruck. They were designing products, sourcing vendors, and gathering feedback in that tiny space with a staff of just six people including the three of them.


“It was full of ups and downs, challenges, surprises, and experiences,” David said, remembering the early days of Women’s Best. They had used $10,000 given to them by their parents to start the business and invested it wisely to keep things running. But their savvy nest egg didn’t have to support them for very long.

“Our customers were really impressed with our products,” he said. “We had over 800 percent revenue growth within the first two years of operation.”


Overcoming Challenges

By the second year, the brothers had learned a lot about what it takes to run a business. “We gained more experience and made fewer mistakes because we learned from previous ones,” he said. “But as time went by, our challenges and dreams became bigger.”


He says that it was motivating to see so much success from the first couple of years of operation. As the challenges came, they navigated their way successfully around them.

“We soon found out that your dreams must always be bigger than the challenges you face if you want to surpass them,” said David.


Thriving in Marketing

David attributes the rapid success of Women’s Best to targeting demand in a niche market and using that uniqueness to propel a strong marketing approach.


“Being unique, focusing on quality, and creating a strong community for our Women’s Best customers were the main strategies that contributed to our success,” Kurzmann said. “We wanted to create a powerful marketing platform that sells a lifestyle rather than just selling products.”

Their business provides unique value with high-quality products, and their creative social media and marketing content clearly reflects that.


Word-of-mouth marketing played an integral role in boosting their marketing efforts. As their customers fell in love with the products and the unique value they provided, customers wanted to share and talk about it with their friends. Before long, the brand Women’s Best was spreading like wildfire, and now it’s a household name in women’s fitness.

Women’s Best Now and In The Future

A little less than four years later, Women’s Best is a booming enterprise. It’s grown to a full-sized staff of 40 people housed within the headquarters, and now grosses an impressive eight figures. There’s no telling how much this imposing business will gross in the future.


Over the last year, Kurzmann says the growth and improvement for the business have been phenomenal. “It was an important year full of challenges,” he says. “We performed really well in terms of growth, customer satisfaction, and the expansion of our product range. It was by far the most successful year yet.”

Fans of Women’s Best products have been watching closely for new product launches and reveals and haven’t been disappointed with what they’ve seen from protein products and supplements to leggings and sports bras.


The future is bright for Women’s Best co-founder and CEO David Kurzmann and the business he helped to create. Of course, the company will continue to create new products, but he says the most important thing is that the Women’s Best message of confidence and female empowerment will continue to move forward.

“We hope to keep inspiring and motivating more women to be the best versions of themselves,” he said. “We can expect more products to keep more customers’ needs covered.”


“For instance, we are expanding now with our sportswear range beside the sports nutrition,” Kurzmann continued. “Furthermore, we want to make the products available in retail stores worldwide. We have already touched based in a new market in MENA now with very big retailers.”

Women’s Best is already in 150 countries and is approaching a million customers annually. Those numbers are expected to rise continually as Kurzmann and his team work to make Women’s Best a globally recognized brand.


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