On Facebook, I sometimes see some favorite advertisements, but after a while I find that it suddenly disappears. How to find these advertisements is a question that we often ask, and today I will find out how to find various kinds on facebook. The ads you need.

How do I find brands on my Facebook ads?

Want to find multiple brands on facebook, use the facebook ads spy tool is better, enter industry keywords, such as: women’s clothes, mobile phones, restaurants, etc., we can find ads and brands related to keywords. We can also continue to divide these brands according to the country and find the brand you want to know the most.


If you already have a brand you want to know, you can enter the brand name directly and view all of his previous ads.

How can I see the ads I’ve clicked on Facebook?

On the facebook app,open the Facebook app and tap the more tab. Scroll down and look for the Recent Ad Activity option. Again, not everyone will be able to see it.

PC of the facebook page,Go to your facebook page and find the activity log,You can see the ads you looked at before.

How do I find competitors on Facebook ads?

It is a wise move to find competitors on Facebook. Through the analysis of competitor advertisements, learn the advantages of your opponents and find your own shortcomings.


For example, the competitor we are looking for is the game app. We use the facebook ads spy tool, enter “game” in the search box, select “INSTALL_APP” or “INSTALL_MOBILE_APP” in the cta type, and you can find the ads that competitors serve. Sort the found ads in the way that users like, and you’ll see better game app ad sponsors, which are our main competitors. Find one of the ads, click on the “top” corner, and click on “search” to see all the ads for that sponsor.

Below is the search for the game app ads!


How do you find old ads on Facebook?

A new product on Facebook called the fcebook library, he can see all the ads that the sponsors are advertising, but as a user, where are the ads that have been stopped, where do we go?


I use some facebook ads spy tool to find old ads. Bigspy is the largest facebook advertising tool in the market. By August 2019, there are already 163,223,747 advertisements. We only need to enter the brand of old ads in bigspy. Words, advertising content and other elements, you can search for the ads you want to find, super easy to use and convenient tools.

How do I find my Facebook ads and info?

To access the Facebook AD library, you can directly access the AD library Facebook. Com/ads/library. You can also navigate to “Page Transparency” by visiting a brand Page, click “See More”, and then click “Go to Ad Library” at the bottom right of the summary. You can find the advertising that the brand is running.


If you’ve signed up for bigspy, you can type in your brand words and see the ads you’re running.

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