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What Consumers Do Not Trust About Technology

While 49% of

consumers would trust AI-generated advice for retail item information, only 20% would trust AI-generated advice for healthcare information and just 19% would trust AI-generated advice for financial


services advice.

Some 38% of consumers say they would trust AI-generated advice for hospitality advice, such as checking in for a flight or comparing flight and hotel options or restaurant



When it comes to healthcare, consumers would rather pick up a phone to make a call or complete a transaction. Some 32% of consumers prefer to complete a transaction on


the phone, compared with 30% in-person and 25% online.

Many consumers also prefer to complete retail transactions in person. Some 46% prefer to purchase clothing, electronics, and home goods


in the store, compared with 35% who say they prefer to complete these types of transactions online.

Some 51% prefer to complete a transaction in person when dealing with financial services,


compared with 27% who prefer to make the transaction online.

For home maintenance and improvement transactions, in-person tops the list at 39%, followed by online and phone calls at about 24%



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